Peter Means 

I grew up with photography. My father used to take me to his darkroom at his place of work where he taught my sisters and me how to develop and print black and white photos. I loved it.

Shortly after I built my own darkroom in my parent’s basement and was “that guy” taking photos for our high school yearbook and of friends, and nature just for fun.

I’ve continued to love photography and now do it professionally as part of my full-time job at Virginia Tech. I am also a videographer, website designer, social media marketer, and graphic designer. I’ve made all of these things my career now for many years.

In my portfolio, and on my social channels, you will see a mix of work that is sometimes from my work at Virginia Tech, sometimes my personal projects, and some of my work for clients.

What I’m offering clients here is work independent of Virginia Tech with my gear, on location or in my home studio.

Peter Means Photography

1410 Valleyview Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060